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European Cities

There is a host of cities waiting for you just a short hop away offering another view on how life is. A city break can be many things - a relaxing break; an exciting weekend; a buy-all spending-spree; a cultural experience or anything else you want it to be!

The cities of Europe vary in every aspect and visiting each one will broaden your views and offer you a new and different experience with each visit.

Simply click on a city name below to find out more about the city of your choice.

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Amsterdam – Just an Hour and a half away, but a World of Difference!

There's more to the Dam than meets the eye - if you allow yourself see!

Amsterdam is an intruiging city, often wrongly described as a wet version of Babylon awash with sex and drugs. There are however, many different visions of this wonderful city.
Being much smaller in size and population than Dublin and with minimal traffic in the city centre you could be forgiven for forgetting that you were in a city with such a large global reputation.


Barcelona- Chic, Sophisticated and possibly Europe’s Coolest City!

Easy to get to, but hard to leave behind

Spend just over two hours in the air and you’ll arrive into a city that is made up of a seductive cocktail of architecture, imagination, tradition, style and nightlife along with a cool and confident swagger.


Berlin - Two Cities for the Price of One!

Fast-paced, offbeat, creative..... anything but the ordinary: Berlin is constantly reinventing itself.

Berlin is a magnificent city by any standards and is now in the premier league of city-break hotspots.
As the division of Berlin following the Cold War fades into history, the German capital is growing more self confident as a great European metropolis.


Brussels - A Charming City dotted with Royal Parks

The Chocolate Centre of the Universe

Brussels is a small but thriving city, with a multicultural population. Its past and present live side by side like an architectural odd couple. Languages and cultures reflecting its imperial past and current place at the heart of Europe meet in a dizzying array of bars and restaurants, making eating out in Brussels a gastronomic delight.


Budapest - Exotic but Managable.

Split by the Danube but united in moving forward.

A truly historic city, its wide boulevards, public buildings, monuments and parks are all remnants of previous empires that once occupied it, however, you can now feel the post-communist-now-European vibrancy on every street.


Copenhagen - The Crossroads of European, Baltic and Scandinavian Cultures.

A charming city that boasts the longest shopping street in Europe and houses probably the Best Brewery in the World!

Being the crossroads where European, Baltic and Scandinavian cultures meet, the city is
diverse in culture, craft and commerce and is a wonderful place to visit. Almost everybody
you meet can speak perfect English, while the child-friendly attitude makes the city even
more appealling. Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world and the population
are unusually handsome - with all this on offer what other reasons do you need?


Dusseldorf - do you have the wrong idea about this city?

Much more on offer than you might think. 

Düsseldorf is one of the world's most elegant shopping cities and is a meeting point for connoisseurs of art and architecture.


Frankfurt - A City of Two Halves

More than just industry and trade fairs!

With a pedestrianised shopping zone containing many designer boutiques and expensive jewellery shops, Frankfurt also offers a wide variety of international cuisine.


Helsinki - The Daughter of the Baltic

Where every road ends with a view of the sea

Helsinki has charm and variety of a city built on headlands and islands.


Istanbul - It's the new New York

Now With Direct Flights from Dublin!

The international fashion and design press have been talking up Istanbul ad nauseam, but the most significant thing about the accolade ‘World’s Hippest City’ is that Istanbullus themselves have come believe it.


Krakow - A Charming City.

Steeped in history, a visit to Krakow is a must.

Krakow ranks with Prague and Vienna as one of the architectural gems of central Europe, chock-full of history and Old Town charm & totally undamaged by World War II.


Lisbon - Europe's Smallest Capital

The City of Seven Hills

Europe's smallest capital contains areas that have been described as ‘Paris in miniature’ and sits at the point where the River Tagus feeds into the Atlantic, just about as far west as you can go without getting your feet wet. The City of Seven Hills has recently gone through a phase of new construction & restoration of existing historical facades due to hosting Euro 2004. Portugal may have been the runners-up, but Lisbon emerged a winner.


Madrid - Just being there makes you feel better.

Spain at its best: vibrant, humane, and down to earth.

Galleries and sights aside, you soon realise that it's the inhabitants - the Madrilenos - that are the capitals key attraction; they don't believe the night was made for sleep. Picturesque bars overflow with revelling insomniacs, particularly in the now ultra-hip barrios of La Latina and Chueca. Come prepared: the weekend starts on Thursdays - people dine at 11 p.m. and clubs close only for breakfast.


Malaga - Much More than Just the Sun.

Don't underestimate what this city has to offer!

Malaga Airport is used as the gateway to the Costa del Sol and while hundreds of thousands of people pass through the airport on an annual basis, the city itself is often overlooked - don't make the same mistake!


Milan - Every Footpath is a Catwalk

And sophistication by the barrell load.

It is a pleasure to wander around the main square with its perfectly impressive cathedral, visit Da Vinci's Last Supper or see La Scala - possibly the finest Opera House in the world.


Nice - Megastars and Millionaires

In the heart of the French Riveria

Nice is in the heart of the French Riviera stretching from Saint Tropez in the west up to Monte Carlo at the Italian border.


Paris - Perhaps Europe's Most Captivating City?

Ideal for a Romantic Short Break

Dotted with fine palaces and historic buildings, the city also claims the status as an artistic, intellectual and literary pacesetter.


Prague - Beautiful, Affordable and Easy to Reach – Treat Yourself!

An Enchanting City, ideal for a Short Break.

The Old Town (or Stare Mesto) is a beautiful maze of small streets ideal for getting easily lost and found in.


Rome - The Eternal City

Fascinating, captivating, enchanting and stylish

Although it was once the largest city in the world, the capital of the greatest empire in the world and now the centre of the Christian world, Rome is a relatively compact city by modern standards. This is great news for the visitor as the majority of its most famous sites are within walking distance of each other.


Seville - Ancient and Stylish

The winding streets of this wonderful city are alive.

It takes a stony heart not to be captivated by its exuberant atmosphere - stylish, confident, ancient, proud, yet also convivial, intimate and fun-loving.


Stockholm - Direct Flights Operate.

A mix of Bohemian excess and cutting-edge style

While most cities grow out from one grand piazza or an arterial intersection, Stockholm has Kungstradgarden - a garden bordered by cafe terraces and alive with kids.


Venice - Wake Up in a City that Never Stops Dreaming.

Canals instead of streets and boats instead of buses.

There are few cities in the world that evoke such feelings of wonder and amazement as Venice. Built on 100 islands with over 150 canals and 400 bridges, this city really is one of a kind.


Vienna - A City that Breathes Nobility.

A beautiful city, steeped in history and the former home of many famous composers.

The historic city centre of Vienna was designed for the pedestrian and the horse-drawn carriage. As a result, many of the cities important attractions are within easy reach of one another.


Warsaw - Moving with the Times

Changing with every passing year.

The image that Warsaw is a dull, concrete jungle and a wasteland of Soviet-era housing with little appeal only applies to those who have not visited the city in the last 10 years.